Eye Surgeon In Aundh Pune

Eye Surgeon In Pune

Pune Netralaya is one of the recognized and top eye hospitals. We have the super specialist eye surgeon in Aundh Pune. Our surgeon helps you to get specs removal operation. It houses a team of trusted and experienced eye doctors and support staff. Our team of doctors and advanced technology make all the procedures hassle free. We help you to provide personalized care.

Our eye surgeon in Aundh, Pune provides safe, painless and effective procedures that correct common vision problems. We provide the fast recovery, rare complications, and your vision returns quickly usually without glasses or contact lenses. Our best eye surgeons and best eye specialists are world famous and renowned for specialized eye treatment. Our eye specialists render an extended range of corrective lenses for visually bothered people.

Our eye surgeon in Aundh, Pune and best eye specialists are world famous and renowned for specialized eye treatment. The motive of this hospital is to eradicate blindness and make this world a beautiful place to those who are still in dark. We are dedicated to provide eye-care and rehabilitate people of all ages suffering from vision problems.

Laser treatment is then programmed to each tiny portion of the corneal surface so that every area of the cornea gets the best improvement. Contrast sensitivity in low lighting levels is increased and the risk of developing night time and glare is greatly decreased.

Our Vision

To provide patients the highest treatment quality and first class service for inexpensive prices, this means continuously delivering outstanding performance from a medical perspective. We are here to ensure continued patient satisfaction through delivery of high-class medical care with a personal touch.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance the quality of your life by compassionately providing the best of Eye care through our ever-striving attitude towards excellence and high ethical standards.